Mission & Vision

Preserve and Enhance


Become the leading collaborative platform that embodies the essence of excellence and innovation in environmental protection, particularly focusing on the prevention, preparedness, and response to oil spills and hazardous substance releases. Envisioning a future where incidents of pollution are exceedingly rare and their impacts minimal, the Forum aims to drive the evolution of regulatory frameworks, technologies, and practices to new heights.

continuous improvement and knowledge sharing


Our mission is to provide a forum for those concerned with OPA 90 preparedness, prevention and response, with the goal of reducing the number and severity of incidents and increasing the effectiveness of response.  The OPA 90 Forum aspires to not only uphold the principles and achievements of the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 but also to extend its legacy by inspiring and guiding the next generation of environmental stewardship.

What We Do

The OPA 90 Forum cooperatively participates and coordinates with government regulatory agencies, non-governmental entities, and promotes funding of federal regulatory agencies tasked with implementing OPA 90.

The OPA 90 Forum monitors the activity of relevant federal agencies. The Forum engages, as appropriate, with States exercising their supplemental authority under OPA 90.

The OPA 90 Forum reviews federal regulatory agencies’ actions and proposed actions in order to assess the effectiveness of implementation of legislative requirements and ensure consistency of approach.

The OPA 90 Forum may identify areas for improvement in legislation and/or regulations consistent with evolving experience and technology and provide information to Congress and regulatory agencies on prospective legislation and regulations to further preserve and enhance OPA 90.

The OPA 90 Forum provides subject matter expertise, and when requested, offers such guidance as the Forum considers appropriate on the subject matter of the request.

The OPA 90 Forum may, from time to time, conduct research and studies on matters relating to pollution prevention, preparedness and response.

The OPA 90 Forum serves as a primary source of OPA 90 history and information and seeks to share that information with the general public, regulatory, and other government personnel and agencies, industry, and academia.

The OPA 90 Forum seeks to educate all on the value of OPA 90 and its historical and continuous impact on the reduction of the number, and severity, of incidents.

The OPA 90 Forum also recognizes that the best attributes of OPA 90 should be shared, transferred and adopted by new and developing US energy and marine industries, providing environmental safeguards and new opportunities for individuals and business.